Everything Old is New Again

Ok, I promised a big announcement, so here it is…

I’ve just moved back to my old stomping grounds of Washington, DC to accept a position with Forum One Communications, a company that I actually have worked for in the past (from 1998-1999; I was their first employee!). I’m going back in a more senior capacity, though — I’ll be doing project management and Internet strategy consulting, along with the occasional odd production job.

What’s this mean? Well, it means I’m going to once again have to bid farewell to my home state of Ohio. It’s hard to explain why this makes me sad. I’ve been all over the world, slept at the foot of the Pyramids (with the Boy Scouts, natch) and skiied the Alps, but when I thought of home I always thought of Ohio. For the last three years I’ve been back there, and if I had my way about things I suppose I’d still be there; but unfortunately the Bushwhacking of the economy has dried up much of the opportunity for us Net folks there, so I had to cast my net farther afield when my previous employer decided to get out of the business of building the future. And the opportunity of working with old friends on interesting projects was just too good to pass up.

Which is a long way of saying goodbye to one chapter of my life and hello to the next one, I guess. But big transitions in life deserve a moment of reflection, I think, or else we risk careening through time without ever taking the opportunity to figure out why we’re doing so in the first place. And that, it strikes me, would be a pretty tragic thing.

So gas up the DeLorean, we’re going back to the future!