Kazaa — ZombieWare?

Hey kids…

If you’re a user of the popular file-sharing program Kazaa, you need to know this. CNet News.com is reporting that the makers of the software, Brilliant Digital Entertainment (BDE), have embedded software within Kazaa that turns your PC into part of a distributed stealth network that BDE can activate to host any kind of content they wish, including advertising. In other words, your PC effectively becomes a zombie to be raised from the dead (without your consent, mind you) whenever BDE wishes to make use of your bandwidth or CPU cycles.

If this sounds farfetched, it shouldn’t — BDE lists this plan as one of several potential revenue streams in their most recent annual report filed with the SEC.

This is one more reason why every PC user should make use of spyware-busting software like LavaSoft’s free AdAware product. If you’ve never tried this package before, go ahead and download it and give it a test run whether you use Kazaa or not. You might be surprised just how many of your applications are watching you!


BitTorrent News

March 10, 2005
3:05 am

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