Another Deep Throat Suspect

Here’s another name to add to your list of Deep Throat suspects — Diane Sawyer. A fascinating article on Sheila Lennon’s weblog from the Providence Journal fingers Sawyer as a prime (and undermentioned) suspect. Today Sawyer is a big-shot journo, but back in the Watergate era she was a special assistant to White House press secretary Ron Ziegler, and Nixon confidante Rabbi Baruch Korff has described her as having had an (ahem) “special relationship” with Ziegler. Pillow talk with the press secretary would certainly have given Sawyer the opportunity to overhear much of the inner workings of the Nixon White House, even if she wasn’t present for them herself; and she could have insisted on remaining anonymous to this day so as not to tarnish her current journalistic image. Of course, Woodward and Bernstein have always maintained that Deep Throat was/is a man, which could put a dent in this theory… but that could just be a clever bit of misdirection too, sending the hounds away from the one suspect who isn’t a man.

So, is Sawyer Deep Throat? Who knows. Speculation marches on!