Protect Your Neighbors! Report Them!

For those of you under the impression that we still live in a free society, a quick look at this page ought to bring you back to reality:

Operation TIPS – Terrorist Information and Prevention System

What is Operation TIPS? It’s a new program from those Friends of Freedom (TM) at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The idea is simple: you, Concerned Citizen that you are, join the Citizen Corps, a new government “volunteer” group, and then if you see anyone doing anything you consider suspicious, you call Uncle Sam and report ’em.

Does anyone else find this as disturbing as I do? A nation of Peeping Toms is by definition not a free nation. And who is to say what’s “suspicious behavior”? The government? Oh, please. If you will recall, we tried this once before, and it nearly led to civil war as a paranoid Administration started throwing anyone in jail who had the temerity to disagree with its policies.

The only difference is, back then Americans had the good sense to go to the wall to stop that kind of tyrannical behavior on the part of the government. Do we have anyone today who is willing to do the same?