Mozilla 1.2 Out

Hey kids, looks like the Mozilla Project has just released the latest and greatest version of their browser, Mozilla 1.2. This edition has been in beta stage for a long time, but now that it’s finished there’s a host of goodies ready for you to snag: Type Ahead Find (want to find a word in a Web page? Just start typing and you’ll jump right to it), link prefetching (grab all the stuff a page links to ahead of time, rather than loading it when you click the link) and — oh, be still my beating heart — Palm syncing with the Mozilla Address Book! Woo-hoo!

Ready to step up to the best browser the world has to offer? Just head to the releases page and grab the build that’s appropriate for your system.

UPDATE: Mozilla 1.2 apparently has a bug that renders some sites using Dynamic HTML useless. It’s been pulled from the Mozilla releases page pending release of an updated 1.2.1 version that fixes the bug. Now we’ll see the vaunted quick-updating power of open source put to the test 🙂