Ant’s Eye View Launches

Here’s some Monday news for you…

I’m proud to officially announce the launch of Ant’s Eye View, my new site covering what I’ve termed “anthill communities”. What are anthill communities? They are communities of purpose, where each person does a little bit of work toward a common goal, and together the group reaps benefits that would be impossible to realize individually. The Internet makes these types of communities possible by allowing people spread across the world to collaborate with each other, destroying the barrier of geography that traditionally had made it difficult or expensive for such groups to form.

The result has been an explosion of these communities. The first generation of them were the open software communities, where coders banded together to build systems like Linux, Apache, and Mozilla. Now, though, we’re starting to see this phenomenon edge out of the geeks-only realm and into the broader world, as artists, lawyers, and others discover the power of the anthill model.

I first wrote about this in my article “Lessons From the Anthill“, and the response I got to that article was so positive that I felt like this was a story that deserved more attention. Ant’s Eye View is where I hope to provide that attention. Give it a read and see if you don’t agree that the anthills are among the most interesting things happening on the Net today!