Speaking of Kissinger and 9/11

This is a RIOT:

Get Your War On takes on Henry Kissinger

“So, Henry Kissinger is in charge of the 9/11 probe! That’s like putting Robert Mugabe in charge of the Department of Agriculture.” That’s the best summary of the situation I’ve heard yet…


John Whitley

August 31, 2003
12:47 am

The following revealing item on Henry Kissinger is extracted from an article from the ‘New World Order Intelligence Update’ [http://www.nwointelligence.com/NEWWORLD.HTM]:
‘And, fellow-Canadians, as a faint echo of the freedoms we have now lost in this once great Dominion, here’s a robust exercise of free speech, fresh from the Mother Country, which is now impossible to imagine in modern Canada!
[Henry Kissinger walks out on Paxman radio program in the U.K. after being asked, among other things, if he felt “like a fraud.” Exchange below, as reported by THE GUARDIAN, 29th June, 1999]
Jeremy Paxman: “It’s been 17 years since the last volume of your memoirs. You said you wanted to let the dust settle but [didn’t you] need the distance in order to rewrite history?”
Dr Kissinger: “No I based these memoirs on documents which were as valid then as they are now.”
Paxman: [describes Kissinger’s claim that he ended the cold war as “farfetched”] “What bothers a lot of people is you seem to ignore the human rights of people within regimes with which you’re trying to establish a balance of power.”
Kissinger: “That’s not correct either.”
Paxman: question about supporting General Pinochet and undermining President Allende in Chile.
Kissinger: “We did not support Pinochet. In what way did we support Pinochet?”
Paxman: “You supported the military regime.”
Kissinger: “After the coup we preferred Pinochet to Allende.”
Paxman: “It doesn’t stop there… You’re on record justifying the [behaviour of the] Chinese government in Tiananmen Square.”
Kissinger:… “I have never supported what the Chinese did in Tiananmen Square.”
Paxman: “Did you feel a fraud for accepting the Nobel Prize [for the Indo-China agreement]?”
Kissinger: “I wonder what you do when you do a hostile interview?”
Paxman: [accuses Kissinger of a “wilful misreading of history”]
Kissinger: “It may be a misreading but it wasn’t wilful.”
Paxman: question about the “hundreds of thousands of people killed in the bombing of Cambodia”.
Kissinger: “That’s absolutely untrue. We have no evidence that hundreds of thousands of people were killed… I think this is an absolute outrage, it’s nonsense.”
Paxman: “You don’t deny [the bombing of Cambodia] was secret though?… This was a secret operation against a neutral country…”
Kissinger: “Come on now, Mr Paxman, this was 15 years ago, and you at least have the ability to educate yourself about a lie on your own programme… ”
Paxman: “What’s factually inaccurate?”
Kissinger: “… That’s outrageous… ” [Kissinger abruptly leaves: Paxman calls out, “‘Bye, Dr. Kissinger”!]’
You’ll also find a superb archive of articles on the New World Order [which is impacting and changing us all increasingly] from the ‘New World Order Intelligence Update’, at http://www.rarehistorybooks.com/NWOCONSP.HTM. They are also mirrored at http://www.survivalistskills.com/NWODICT.HTM and at http://www.torontochristianbooks.com/NWOGOV.HTM. Well worth reading!