After my little run-in with stupidity the other day, I found myself needing to buy a new car to replace my faithful Escort. After some looking around, I finally have purchased a new set of wheels: a brand new silver 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX.

How is it? It’s a blast! The WRX is a street-legal version of Subaru’s impressive rally car — it packs a 227hp engine under the hood, combined with tight suspension and steering. The interior is a little Spartan (other than the leather-wrapped Momo steering wheel), but that’s because it’s not designed to be the car to take your kids to soccer practice in, it’s designed to be fast. And fast it is!

Additionally, I’ve now had three female friends describe it as a “babe magnet”, which has got to be a good sign 🙂

So far I’m thrilled with the WRX. Kudos to Subaru for putting such a great car together. Watch your rearview mirrors, folks; if you see someone passing you on the Beltway, that’ll be me!