Palm Launches Tungsten C Handheld

After many, many years of stagnation, it looks like Palm, Inc. is finally innovating again — they’ve just announced their newest device, the Tungsten C Handheld, which packs the savory goodness of Palm OS 5 in a package with a feature I have yet to see in any comparable device: built-in WiFi. All for a price of $499, which sounds like a lot until you realize that Sony’s top-of-the-line Palm device, the PEG-NZ90, costs considerably more ($799! ouch), comes in a considerably larger and clumsier form factor, and yet cannot connect to WiFi networks without the addition of a $150 add-on. That brings the Sony to almost twice the cost of the Tungsten C — and the features the Sony has that the Palm does not, like a built-in digital camera, are mostly things that the average person has no use for anyway. It looks like, for the near future at least, the Tungsten C is going to be the tech lust object of choice.