Firebird Observations

Couple of random observations following my previous post about the launch of Mozilla Firebird 0.6…

First, Asa Dotzler, one of the Browser Gods from, was kind enough to include me in his roundup of what people are saying about Firebird. Thanks, Asa!

Second, I had an interesting conversation with a friend this weekend about Firebird. She was telling me that she uses it at home, but at work, she still uses IE as her primary browser. “Why?” I asked, wondering why she’d stick with IE if she preferred Firebird.

“I associate Firebird with fun,” she said. “IE feels more like work to me, so it just seems right to use it for my work tasks. I use Firebird for the stuff I enjoy browsing.”

Interesting response! I wonder if there’s other folks out there like her, who are coming to associate IE with Boring Work Stuff and Mozilla/Firebird with Happy Fun Stuff. I can certainly understand why one would make the association.