Fun With Server Logs

OK, so I’m looking through the log files for this site, checking out what files are most popular, where you all are coming from, etc., and I notice something that seems, well, odd. See, one of the bits of info my log files capture is what search terms people used when they come to my site from a search engine. Usually these terms are pretty innocuous, but one caught my eye that I just can’t figure out — apparently, someone was referred to this site from a search on the term “cheerleader emoticon“.

Cheerleader emoticon?!? I guess it’s good that the logs don’t show me which boneheaded search engine thought this site would be a good match for that term… whoever they are, I dare say that their index needs some work!



August 1, 2003
11:54 am

omg. i just used google, seaching for “cheerleader emoticon” and i ended up here. *laughs* oh well. have a good day, whoever you are. 🙂


December 31, 2003
1:28 am

I found this site earging for Cheerleader Emoticon, and ended up here (mainly ’cause of this entry). I came off of Google

Rabbi Bob

January 15, 2005
7:20 am

Yep, still out there for Cheerleader Emoticon
Happy ’05


March 23, 2005
12:58 am

haha I too was searching for a cheerleader emoticon… does anyone actually have one??