Dean Wins MoveOn “Primary”

Looks like Howard Dean has won the online primary. No candidate received a clear majority of votes cast (50%+1), but Dean took home the greatest share of votes, pulling in roughly 44%. The runner-up was Dennis Kucinich, who trailed far behind Dean with only 24% of votes cast.

Interestingly, because nobody picked up a majority, (and, more importantly, their PAC) has decided not to officially endorse any of the Democratic candidates. That has to be a blow for Dean, who could use all the support he can get as he emerges as the plausible alternative to the heir apparent, John Kerry.

Another interesting observation about the results: Joe Lieberman actually received fewer votes (6,095, or just 1.92% of votes cast) than did joke candidates Carol Moseley-Braun (who picked up 7,021, or 2.21%) and Bob Graham (7,113, or 2.24%). In fact, more people (2.01%) chose “undecided” than chose Lieberman! That’s gotta sting.