Why Not Learn From the Best?

Are you in the Washington, DC metro area? Have you been wondering what all the buzz around blogging is about? Are you curious about how to start your own blog, or maybe take your existing blog to the next level? Would you like to spend an evening with Our Favorite Geek ™ finding out?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you’re in luck. I’m partnering with First Class, Inc., an adult education center in D.C., to launch a new class on October 15 entitled “Blog With the Best“. It’s a 2.5-hour seminar designed to take the mystery out of blogging, starting with the basics and walking you through what blogs are, how to choose the right software for you, and tips and tricks used by the most popular bloggers to build an audience and communicate more effectively.

The people at First Class have been very supportive and enthusiastic about the idea, so it promises to be a lot of fun. This is the first time they’ve offered a class on the subject, though — in fact, it’s the first time anyone in D.C. has offered a class on the subject, as far as I know — so they’re waiting to see how many people sign up for this first session before scheduling any more. That means that, if you’re interested in the subject, you should sign up now! You wouldn’t want to miss out, right?