It’s Captain Obvious!

Actual conversation overheard among two people standing outside my office window earlier today:

PERSON 1: “Excuse me, is there a supermarket near here?”
PERSON 2: “What kind of supermarket?”
PERSON 1: “You know, food.”

Thanks for narrowing it down, bud…



July 7, 2003
11:53 pm

OK, I didn’t hear this convo, but I think were I asking it would go like this:
Sandy: Excuse me, is there a supermarket around here?
Person 2: What kind?
Sandy: /me blinks
Sandy: The kind that has food, as opposed to all those ones that only contain auto parts or globules of pus. They tend to not be as tasty when you cook them.
Hmmm…perhaps this is why I don’t get much help on the street.