Palm Ships New Tungsten T2

Looks like Palm has finally caught on to how pathetic its Tungsten T offering is when compared to its more recent Zire 71 and Tungsten C products — they’ve just released a revised version of the T called the Tungsten T2 that ups the memory and adds the same brilliant transflective color display that the Z71 and T-C offer (the display on the original T is nowhere near as nice).

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, though — a simple, $200-$300 device running PalmOS 5 that offers Bluetooth, an option to add Wi-Fi, and a Stowaway XT keyboard. The Zire 71 is the closest I’ve seen, but it’s at the high end of that price range, and lacks Bluetooth. Sony is too busy building lust objects for the gadget obsessed to focus on the low end. Handspring has just folded. Is there anyone out there with a device like the one I want?