Vacation Pix

Following up on my earlier post about my summer vacation, I just got some digital photos from the trip e-mailed to me, so I thought I’d share…

View of Gulf of Mexico from South Seas Resort

This is the view out across the Gulf of Mexico from the resort we were staying at. The whole area is very oriented towards traveling by boat, moreso in a lot of ways than traveling by car. Everything from tiny runabouts to giant yachts can be found tied up at the resort pier.

Dolphins running with Cabbage Key ferry

Took this shot on the ferry to Cabbage Key, one of the minor outlying islands in the chain. The waters around the islands are full of dolphins, and when the younger ones feel playful they like to run with the ferry and show off for the tourists. The louder you hoot and clap, the higher they jump out of the water.

Our Favorite Geek on the Cabbage Key ferry

Here’s Our Favorite Geek on the aforementioned ferry.

Our Favorite Geek conked out in the pool

And here he is again, this time maxin’ and relaxin’ in the main pool. I was every bit as relaxed at that moment as I look. The moral of the story here is to keep an eye open for relatives with cameras before you let the sun and the water convince you that it’s the perfect place to take a nap.