Robert X. Cringely is telling an interesting story this week about Microsoft’s legal troubles regarding a suit by a tiny company, Burst.com:

“Why would a company like Microsoft do this?” asked Richard Lang, who is Burst’s CEO and half the company workforce. “We were a little company. Microsoft could have had our technology for almost nothing, but instead they stole it. We called them on it, and they could have settled at any time, but they didn’t. They stuck their heels in and won’t give an inch even now. The only way I can make sense of this behavior is that they need to win no matter what the cost.”

Cringely thinks that Microsoft’s behavior in the latest hearing for the Burst case is pretty disturbing, and after reading his account, I’m inclined to agree. Sure would be interesting to hear if MS has any defense… WWSS (What Would Scoble Say)?