Can You Get More Disrespectful Than This?

The story of what’s been happening to Ted Williams’ body since he died is beyond belief. I can’t imagine any justification for not letting the man rest peacefully like we all will, especially not on the hope that some bizarro sci-fi technology will someday revive him. It’s pretty clear that the day when that’s possible is a long way off:

The silver can containing Williams’ head resembles a lobster pot and is marked in black with Williams’ patient I.D. number, A-1949, according to the SI story. Williams’ head has been shaved and drilled with holes. Verducci also reports that, before the head was placed in its present location, it was accidentally cracked as many as 10 times due to fluctuating storage temperatures.

Yeah, that’s a technique that’s ready for prime time. Everyone involved in this desecration should be ashamed of themselves.