Fair and Balanced: The Play

Wow, that was quick!

Brian Flemming, the playwright behind the Off-Broadway hit Bat Boy: The Musical, has responded to the whole Fox News/Al Franken flap by writing a new one-act, Fair and Balanced:

Playwright Brian Flemming, who co-wrote the Off-Broadway smash hit Bat Boy: The Musical, penned this dark one-act comedy in which “Fair” and “Balanced” are characters — they are prisoners held in an underground dungeon, and every night at 8 p.m. a foul character named “Bill O’Reilly” comes down into the dungeon to torture them.
But tonight is a special night. Tonight Bill O’Reilly makes a mistake, and Fair and Balanced turn the tables on him. Now that their tormenter is at their mercy, the former prisoners force him to stand trial. But will Fair and Balanced do to Bill O’Reilly what he has done to them?

You can get a copy of the script in PDF format for only $5… shame this didn’t come out a couple of months ago when I was looking for a script to submit to the Montgomery Playhouse One-Acts Festival!