Dave Barry Strikes Back

I simply do not have words for how gratifying this story is.



September 14, 2003
5:47 pm

I do: “Avast!”
Talk Like a Pirate Day is September, 19. (Relevant because of the Dave Barry association)


September 15, 2003
9:16 am

the ATA phone number, by the way, was


September 15, 2003
7:49 pm

That number in the Dave Barry collumn has been disconected. But you can still call the ATA toll free at 866 500 4272.
I used to Intern at the FCC, and got to sit in at a meeting with some of the people going over the regulations (the FTC started the regulations, but the FCC will enforce them against all businesses not directly related to FTC oversight). All of the people there were Mike Powell de-regulation types, and I’ve never seen such a group so happy to stick unwated regulations at an industry before.