Not The Best Way To Start The Day

You know, there’s some things you don’t want to read about first thing in the morning, especially when that morning is your first one back after a long weekend.

Here’s an example:

NASA: Asteroid May Hit Earth in 2014

The story cites a 1 in 909,000 chance that the asteroid in question, 2003 QQ47, will hit us. That may sound like pretty long odds, but it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s substantially more probable than, say, your odds of winning Powerball (1 in 120,526,770). Forget the grand prize, it’s even more likely than your odds of winning one of the secondary $100,000 Powerball prizes (1 in 2,939,677.32). So if you play the lottery, you might want to consider taking one of two courses of action:

  1. Building an asteroid bunker in your backyard
  2. Learning some &$@(* math

Your call!