Thanks Joy!

Over on her blog Confessions of a G33k, Joy Larkin held a little contest the other day asking people to leave a haiku in the comments section describing why they like her blog. The author of the best poem, she promised, would receive a Linux polo shirt.

Guess who won?


Yep. Thanks Joy! It fits great, and now I’m the coolest geek on the block 🙂

Seriously, if you don’t read Confessions, you should — it’s a great blog, very funny and insightful. Definitely worth your time.

I’ll throw in a funny story here. A few years ago I was a consultant with Computer Sciences Corporation. They were big into doing things with Microsoft products, but I was very enthusiastic about Open Source and was always evangelizing how Open Source solutions could save clients time and money. I got so well known for this routine that my nickname within our business unit was “Open Source Man”.

Time passes. I then return to Forum One Communications in Virginia, a shop that works exclusively with Open Source technologies. Occasionally, I see a problem that there’s no good Open Source solution for yet, and I mention a Microsoft solution I’ve used at CSC or another company as an example of how the problem could be solved. The result? I’m now tagged as “Microsoft Man”.

Given the tides of history, I fully expect my next job to be 100% Microsoft, and the picture at the top of this entry to haunt me as long as I’m there!



September 30, 2003
3:57 pm

Yay! You recieved the shirt. And you know what? It looks sorta big on you too. 😉