Vote on New Name for Pie/Echo/Atom Is In Progress

If you’re interested in things technical, you should know that the project to define a new, open syndication format (the format that’s been known at various times as Pie, Echo, and Atom, with all those names subsequently being rejected for legal reasons) is voting on what its new name will be, starting today. The vote is open to everyone, so go read the list and cast your vote.

I would of course encourage you to consider the name I proposed (GoBright), but I’m more interested in encouraging participation generally than in plugging my proposal, so if you see one you like better feel free to go for it. Though I frankly don’t think most of them are nearly as good — some of the weirder ones, like Ack, Peel, and Zynq, just leave me scratching my head. Oh well, that’s what happens when you leave naming your product to a bunch of geeks 🙂 Some of them are quite nice, though — I could live with Jazz, I suppose — so go, have a look, and make your voice heard.



September 3, 2003
5:04 pm

You got my vote! And after all this is said and done, I say we egg Asbjorn’s viking ship.