Dennis Miller for Senate?

Now that Ah-nuld is the Governor of California, it looks like some GOPers out there are hoping to put on a repeat performance, this time starring has-been comic Dennis Miller in a bid to unseat Senator Barbara Boxer:

If Arnold Schwarzenegger can be elected governor of California, can comedian Dennis Miller unseat Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer?
Some Republicans in the Golden State think so, and quietly hope they can persuade the sharp political wit — and registered Santa Barbara Republican — to take on the liberal senator. Variety magazine reported this week that Mr. Miller has contacted California Republican consultants to feel out a campaign.

There’s nothing I can say about this that’s better than what Lewis Black said about Schwarzenegger when I saw him perform last night: that we need a Constitutional amendment stating that, if a state collectively decides that it would rather live in a movie than in reality, it loses its statehood. Makes sense to me 🙂