I Love the IntarWeb

I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on my piece What a Libertarian Sees in Dean since it was picked up by the Libertarians For Dean blog. Some of it was positive, some negative, but all constructive and interesting.

However, this morning that post picked up a comment from a fellow named Doc Martian that wasn’t so much constructive and interesting as it was laugh out loud funny. (Unfortunately you can’t link directly to comments in Movable Type, but here’s a link to the comment thread, just look for Doc’s comment and you’ll see what I mean.) There’s too much fever-dream stuff to include it all, but this bit made me laugh so hard I snorted coffee all over my monitor:

I’ve had attack homosexuals sent at me on the chance that i’m homophobic.

Just trying to imagine what an “attack homosexual” would look like (I’m picturing the Queer Eye guys in Viking helmets, studded leather collars, and really pissed) ought to keep me amused for the rest of the day.

If you’re in the mood for seeing how the paranoid half live, I highly recommend checking out Doc’s Web site, where you will find such trenchant political observations as:

4:54 am – muh mantra fer today.
dubya is. like the wind. the waves. and yer mom. only dubya isn’t quite as smart as your mom. he has more power tho. lots more power. kind of like if king kong had all the cocaine he wanted… only instead of cocaine… it was power.


2:55 pm – howard dean: cuz leiberman’s captain wuss!
howard dean! sucking israel’s bean! a fascist machine! building fences not dreams! from the same guys that shot yitzhak rabin! and his lovely wife, dr. steinberg-dean!

Wow. Not only is he a political thinker, he’s a poet as well — it takes true artistic machismo to rhyme “Dean” and “Steinberg-Dean”. Bravo! Doc Martian, I applaud you!

Back in the day, A.J. Liebling said “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” The beauty of the blog explosion, though, is that today anybody can own a press. And I mean anybody.