More Important Things Than Anti-Aliased Text

Simon Fell: “What is, and why is my XP box talking to it?

This is the sort of thing that has kept me from making the upgrade to XP. Windows 2000 was the last Microsoft OS I’ve trusted wasn’t doing things over the network without telling me — and that’s not blind faith, that’s based on experience and years of ZoneAlarm connection logging. I just don’t have the same confidence about XP, and the fact that Simon Fell — the author of PocketSOAP and a real Windows programming expert — can be taken by surprise by a “feature” in his OS like this is exactly the reason why.



October 28, 2003
11:33 pm

Hehe, I updated my DVD/CD-RW firmware (I don’t think you can call that a hardware change) and what do I get? Windows asking me to re-activate the license again, and , no, I can’t do it automatically over the internet, I have to call up a number, talk to a guy in the middle of the night, tell them what I did, made me say out loud a sequences of 6×5 letters (or something like that) that is should in the activation dialog thingy, have them tell me a new set of 6×5 letters.
I wonder what happens if I reformatted my system.