Fun With Spam: Holiday Edition

Another actual spam found while I was cleaning out my spam filter:


There are so many neat things about this one:

  • It’s from Santa Claus, people! Who knew he was branching out into direct marketing? And right as he’d have to be gearing up for the big holiday season, too — the man is a sales machine.
  • Check that sent date: Dec. 31, 1969. Yep, that’s right — not only is it from Santa Claus, the jolly old elf actually went back in freaking time to send it. I can only assume he did this to ensure that it would arrive in time for the holidays; we all know how clogged up the Postal Service gets this time of year.
  • I’m impressed by his focus, too — unlike most spammers, who want to sell me generic Viagra or dubious investment schemes, Santa is shilling toys (in this case, remote-control helicopters). So, on top of everything else, Santa must have an MBA — he’s clearly learned the value of sticking to his core competency.

So, congratulations to Santa for some smart diversification! It’s clearly the way to succeed in today’s sluggish economy.