More Fun With Spam

Yet another Actual Spam found in my inbox today:

Spam from the Anal Team, whoever that is

I was just impressed by who it was from: the “Anal-Team”. It sounds so, I dunno, official. Who are the mysterious Anal-Team? Are they like the Superfriends? Do they fight evil masterminds bent on keeping people from ever trying anything other than the missionary position?

(We CUT to a darkened bedroom somewhere in a great American metropolis. Two figures lie in bed, talking.)
JILL: “Honey, I’m not sure if I want to try that.”
JACK: “Why not?”
JILL: “I don’t know… I’ve never done it before, and it just seems wrong somehow. You know?”
JACK: “Now where would you get an idea like that — ”
(Suddenly, the wall is blown open, and THE ANAL-TEAM flies in!)
JILL: “Oh my god!”
JACK: “It’s the Anal-Team!”

… who proceed to save Jack and Jill from the evil mind-control rays of the nefarious Doctor Lieback.

Wait, on second thought, forget I ever mentioned this — I bet I could get a fortune for the movie rights.



November 6, 2003
7:49 pm

Come on, I haven’t laughed this hard for ages!