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Feeling a little too big for your britches? Check out “Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age“.

Here’s what it gave me:

At age 28:
The Danish physicist Niels Bohr published his revolutionary theory of the atom.
French novelist George Sand published her first novel, Indiana.
Dr. Ludwig Zamenhof of Warsaw invented the artificial language Esperanto.
British physician Thomas Wakley began publishing The Lancet.
Jamaican reggae composer/performer Bob Marley recorded “I Shot the Sheriff.”
Nuclear plant lab tech Karen Silkwood died in a car crash on her way to meet with a New York Times reporter and a union official to document her allegations about falsified quality control reports.
French naturalist Jean B. Lamarck coined the word biology to encompass the studies of botany and zoology.

Um… wow. I suppose I’d better get crackin’ :-/