Finally – Baghdad celebrates Saddam’s capture

No matter what your feelings about the justice of this war, it’s always good news to see a dictator and tyrant run to ground. Hopefully this will mean that the guerrilla opposition will slow down, and the Iraqis can get on with the business of rebuilding their country.



December 15, 2003
7:37 am

“operation Red Dawn” takes objective “wolverine”
I think someone at CENTCOM has been watching a 1980s teen WWIII movie a little to much.
That being said, I am so happy we got the rat bastard! He kinda looked like the gopher in Caddyshack, only not as clever.

Jason Lefkowitz

December 15, 2003
9:05 am

LOL! “Wolveriiiiiiiiiiines!”
I eagerly await “Operation Iron Eagle”, featuring soundtrack by Queen…