And That’s All She Wrote for NH

So, after all that speculation, what did the vote actually turn out to be in the New Hampshire primary?

With 91% of precincts reporting, CNN says:

  • Kerry: 39%
  • Dean: 26%
  • Clark: 13%
  • Edwards: 12%
  • Lieberman: 9%

So, a good second place for Dean, though not as good as the last couple of days’ polling would have led you to believe. Clark manages to squeak by Edwards for the hotly contested third-place slot, though only by the tiniest of margins (1,000 votes or so) — so they could change places once those last 9% of the precincts get counted. And Lieberman’s “Joe-mentum” puts him about where he deserves to be, bringing up the rear (though he won’t take the hint, claiming that he tied Clark and Edwards for third).

So — no clear knockout winners, just some interesting questions about what happens in the next batch of primaries (February 3). Should be interesting…


Sandy Smith

January 28, 2004
12:51 am

You may find this VPo posting interesting, given your getting zithered by Zogby: