Forgotten Hope

If you’re a Battlefield 1942 player, you owe it to yourself to check out the Forgotten Hope mod. These people have done some really amazing work.

BF1942 is a great game, but it does have some things that get annoying after you’ve been playing for a while. One of these is the way the weapons and vehicles for the different sides in the game are all essentially the same, just with different skins — the Americans have a Sherman tank and the Germans get a Tiger, for example, but they both handle the same and can absorb the same amount of damage. This can give the game a bit of a “rock-scissors-paper” feel, especially on maps where the types of available vehicles are few.

Forgotten Hope addresses this in two ways. First, it tweaks the values for the existing vehicles and weapons in the game to make them more like their historical counterparts — now a Tiger is something truly to be feared! Second, it expands the scope of the game by adding a huge number of new vehicles, weapons and maps — it’s like a sandbox full of new toys to play with. And the new maps, especially, are top-notch; they have even more atmosphere and challenge than do the excellent ones supplied with the original game.

It’s a big download — what mod isn’t? — but well worth it if you’re looking for a break from vanilla BF1942 or Desert Combat.