Karen Stafford

August 30, 2008
12:10 am

I think it’s a shame that stand-alone PDA’s are on their way out. For some of us, they are a necessity. When I am entering info for my patients, the last thing I need is for the PDA I am using to also begin ringingor vibrating because it is also a phone. Or, if I am speakig to someone – using the combined phone/PDA and I need to enter info, then I have to stop talking or put the person on speaker phone to enter the info. Both situations are bad in a professional medical setting where privacy and confidentialty are required under law. My lifestye requires a stand alone PDA, a phone that is nothing BUT a phone, and (unfortunately) a pager that is JUST a pager. I don’t want an all-in-one item. They are not as functional in all situations or professions.