In MA, Civil Rights Are For Everyone. What Radicalism!

The Massachusetts Supreme Court appears to have upheld a lower court decision requiring that the right to marry be extended to gay couples on civil rights grounds.

Wow, letting gays and lesbians have the same rights as the rest of us. Those Boston liberals and their crazy ideas!



February 5, 2004
3:58 pm

I just love democracy. It was great to follow the debate that took place in the Massachussetts legislature on whether to change a couple of thousand years worth of social policy on marriage, and extend this very special contract priviledge from hetero couples to others who have (imhop)just as much right to form families as straight couples do. Oh, except there was no debate, just four old lawyers thought this was a good idea and told the rest of the state to deal with it. Maybe next week they will decide the people of Massachusetts must change thier underpants 3 times a day, and wear them on top of thier clothes so the Courts can check. After all, it takes the people two years to change the Constitution, So the Court can do whatever it wants! Yep, I just love the democratic process.
This is the right policy, but very very very bad law.