More Twists And Turns

Well, today saw the next big round of primaries, and now as the results trickle in it looks like the race might still have some life in it after all

Kerry has been projected as the winner in Arizona, Delaware, Missouri, and North Dakota — but John Edwards has creamed him in South Carolina (Edwards 46%, Kerry 30%), both Clark and Edwards have beaten him in Oklahoma (Clark 30%, Edwards 30%, Kerry 26% with 89% of precincts reporting), and New Mexico, with 22% of precincts reporting, is practically a 3-way tie between Kerry, Dean and Clark (which is all the more notable in that Dean had essentially written that state off).

Wow! Clark’s only ahead of Edwards in OK by 800 votes, and (as of 10:34 PM EST) Dean is ahead of Clark for 2nd place in NM by ten votes (!), so CNN isn’t projecting a winner yet in either state (compare this to North Dakota, which they called for Kerry with 0% of precincts reporting, presumably on the basis of exit polling). Watch those states tonight, I sure will be…

Oh yeah, and Lieberman is out. About f@!$*#) time.

UPDATE: 11:02 PM and NM has been called for Kerry — he’s currently at 36%, with Clark at 23% and Dean at 21%.