Pot, Kettle, Black

Well, this is interesting.

From today’s Washington Times — “Bush Attacks ‘Partisan Anger’“:

President Bush yesterday lashed out at his Democratic opponents for the first time in the 2004 campaign, charging his challengers with espousing “old bitterness and partisan anger” to mask their record of raising taxes and endangering Americans with a weak national defense…
In his speech, Mr. Bush also assailed the whole Democratic [Party] as offering no vision for the nation, only rhetoric that seeks to divide Americans.
“So far, all we hear is a lot of old bitterness and partisan anger. Anger is not an agenda for the future of America,” the president said, drawing applause.

From yesterday’s New York Times — “Education Chief Calls Union ‘Terrorist,’ Then Recants“:

Education Secretary Rod Paige said Monday that the National Education Association, one of the nation’s largest labor unions, was like “a terrorist organization” because of the way it was resisting many provisions of a school improvement law pushed through Congress by President Bush in 2001.
Mr. Paige made the comment in a private meeting with governors at the White House, just hours before the president stepped up the tempo of his re-election campaign with a speech attacking his Democratic opponents.
The secretary later apologized for a poor choice of words, but repeated his criticism of the teachers’ union as a group of obstructionists…
The governors who recounted Mr. Paige’s remarks were two Democrats, Jennifer M. Granholm of Michigan and James E. Doyle of Wisconsin, and two Republicans, Mike Huckabee of Arkansas and Linda Lingle of Hawaii.
Ms. Granholm said the governors were “all a little bit stunned” to hear the union described that way.

Ah yes. If only those Democrats would stop peddling their bitterness and anger! And see the sunny side of the street, like Secretary Paige!