The Not-So-Porn Porn

I know that the article “Women Tailor Sex Industry to Their Eyes” on the front page of today’s New York Times isn’t supposed to be funny. So does it make me an Evil Male if I laughed while reading it?

Carlin Ross and Christina Head, a lawyer and a documentary filmmaker in New York, recently teamed up to plot new careers.
Among their first moves: Ms. Ross, 30, a general counsel to dot-coms, this month restarted an adult Web site that features “sex and love from a woman’s perspective.”…
“It’s all about empowering and educating women and, of course, I enjoy sex,” Ms. Head said. “We’re women. We enjoy sex.”

Wow. Women enjoy sex? Stop the presses! No wonder this made the front page of the Times!

Ms. Head and Ms. Ross are part of a growing cadre of women who are selling sex to other women, in this case what Ms. Ross calls “female empowered” adult entertainment — the kind with plots, foreplay and cuddling in the afterglow, the kind that is mindful of women’s tastes and suggests new possibilities for women’s pleasure.

Since Pepsi seems to be having success marketing Pepsi Vanilla as “the not-so-vanilla vanilla”, I have a suggestion for a slogan for Ms. Ross and Ms. Head’s new venture: “the not-so-porn porn”.

In all seriousness, these women are probably on to something, business-wise, but it’s just something about how this article is written that strikes my funny bone… oh, that was probably the wrong way of putting it. Never mind.



February 21, 2004
1:42 pm

It does seem a bit…anticlimactic for the New York Times to announce that some women are taking matters into their own hands. Further down in that article, they quote Candida Royalle, who’s been making ‘porn for women’ for at least 10-12 years. And no mention of Annie Sprinkle or Betty Dodson…true sex pioneers. The vapidity of the two lead sex “experts”, Ross and the aptly-named Head, only makes “sexual women” seem that much more ridiculous. “Women love sex” – really? Some do, some don’t, and the ones who are married with kids under 5 years old probably can’t remember what sex is! Oh to be young and single in NYC (although Ross was once a 20-year old married lady, btw).