We’re Not Alone

CNet — “Google vs. the granola crunchers“.

The article makes an interesting point that I hadn’t known before:

The flap mirrors a similar one over marijuana advocacy. The proprietor of the Web site Free State Project recently complained that Google censored its ads promoting the legalization of marijuana. (Its ads previously appeared when people searched Google for the term “legalize marijuana.”)
Google said that it does not permit ads for drugs or drug paraphernalia. Company spokeswoman Cindy McCaffrey said that Google reserves the right to exercise “editorial discretion when it comes to the advertising we accept on our site. We are not censoring any sides of a political debate.”
Still, a Google search on the term “marijuana” shows an ad for a White House-sponsored antidrug ad.

Oh yeah, no way that’s promoting a “side of a political debate”. Nicely played, big G.