Does This Work, Do You Think?

The latest in the annals of “weird Craigslist ads” is a doozy from New York:

Hi, I’m having my parents come visit me sometime in the next two weeks and have lied and told them I am dating someone I am in love with. You will only have to come to one dinner. In exchange for this I will buy you an IPOD – yes new – we walk into the store together and buy a new IPOD.

Way to just get all that “finding someone with shared values and interests” BS out of the way up front, dude.



March 16, 2004
12:13 pm

Is it a man or a woman? If it’s a man, I’m in. An iPod would be fun.

Jason Lefkowitz

March 16, 2004
12:17 pm

“I am 26, swm, italian-american, (not a guido), athletic build.”
It’s a man, baby! Yeah!
Here’s the link to the ad:
Have fun 🙂