Forgotten Hope 0.61

I’ve raved in this space before about the superlative Battlefield 1942 mod Forgotten Hope, but it’s time for the raves to begin again — the FH team has just rolled out the latest version of the mod, version 0.61. This new version adds so much new content to the game that I won’t even try to summarize it all; suffice it to say that the full 0.61 download is a whopping 1.2 gigabytes, half for new game data and half for new maps. That’s a lot of stuff! If you’ve got the bandwidth, though — and if you’re playing Battlefield 1942 online, odds are you do — it’s definitely worth it.

(The official site seems to be Slashdotted at the moment — go figure! — but you can still grab all the necessary files from PlanetBattlefield and FilePlanet, among other places, and there’s an authorized version floating around via BitTorrent as well.)