Put Your Words in Kerry’s Mouth

This is fun: Over at Big, Left, Outside, Al Giordano has launched the “John Kerry Speechwriting Tournament”.

Kerry’s stump speech is not refreshed often enough (he’s still using some of the same one-liners he used in Iowa… oh, please, how many times must we “bring it on!”)…
Twenty years ago (full disclosure) I wrote some speeches for John Kerry, and it was a huge pleasure to see someone deliver them as few are capable of doing… when he’s “on,” he’s really on… We’ve seen some of those moments already in this campaign…
[I]t occurs to me that so many very articulate BigLeftOutside readers and commenters could do a splendid job writing speech material for Kerry.
So, therefore, I am:
…Announcing the John Kerry Speechwriting Tournament!
Serious entries only, please (parodies or insincere entries will be screened out)… What do you think John Kerry should be saying on the stump, on TV, in his ads, to the people?
You can attempt an entire speech or just a few paragraphs.
I am not offering any material prize; only this: If I think your submission should be part of Kerry’s stump speech (or the whole thing) I will personally see to it that Kerry himself gets a copy of it… So your ultimate prize could be that one day you turn on the TV and hear your words spoken by the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Anyone out there up for it?