Rolling Your Own Scenarios in “President Forever”

The fine folks at Eighty Dimensional Software, makers of the absolutely addictive political game President Forever (a steal at $12), have given a nice gift to the community of players. The latest release of PF (registered users got a free patch, new buyers get it from the get-go) doesn’t just support playing the 2004 election cycle; it has a full scenario architecture, so that other campaign years can be dropped in later. The new release adds three new election years to the core game — 1960, 1980, and 1992 — and they have posted instructions on how to create your own scenario if you want to model a campaign other than the ones they’ve provided. As user-created campaigns start to spring up, they’re going to make them available for free download on their Web site.

This is an amazing product that just keeps getting better! You really should try the demo if you haven’t already; I guarantee that once you’ve played a few rounds in the demo you’ll see why it’s worth every penny of the $12 for the full version.