Tycho’s Take on Battlefield: Vietnam

Tycho at Penny Arcade has a great review up of the just-released Battlefield: Vietnam, the long-awaited sequel to the superlative Battlefield 1942.

[T]he helicopters I mentioned are fairly significant – particularly if you have not played Desert Combat. They may surprise you even if you have played the popular modern combat modification, because controlling them is a far more humane procedure in Battlefield Vietnam than you might be familiar with. The Gamespot review refers to the difficulty of managing these craft, and while they might be difficult compared to jeeps, I only had to crash one or two before I got the hang of it. To compare, flying helicopters in DC is like bending a spoon with your mind or trying to walk a tyrannosaur. To say they are unwieldy is to have a good shot at Understatement Of The Year.