This Week’s Downtime

You may have experienced some difficulty connecting to this site over this past week. That’s because I was in the process of migrating it (and all my other sites) off of the host they used to be on (who, you might remember, I’ve had a few problems with) to a new home: DreamHost.

It took me a while to find a new host that I liked, but so far my experiences with DreamHost have been nothing but positive. They have a nice Web admin interface for customers, but you can still work through the shell if you prefer. Apps that I had to compile and install from scratch at my old host (like Squirrelmail for Webmail and Analog for log file analysis) get set up automatically on DreamHost with every domain you configure. Their support people are responsive and know what they’re talking about; and when they have downtime, they explain why in detail, even if it’s brief. And they offer a host of tech goodies (like the ability to set up any directory in your directory tree as a WebDAV share — nice!) to boot.

In short, these guys have given every indication thus far of being a class act. So I’m happy to give them my business.

There’s one other nice service they provide that I figured I should make mention of, in case you didn’t notice it in the right-hand menu:

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

If you enjoy Just Well Mixed, you can now make a contribution that will go directly towards defraying the cost of hosting the site. The money goes straight to DreamHost and gets credited to my account, so you don’t have to worry about me taking your $5 and blowing it on black tar heroin or whatever — every penny (except for a 5% processing fee) goes towards keeping this site up and running. So if you like JWM, it’s a way for you to say “thanks” by helping me out with the bill I get stuck with every month for bringing it to you 🙂

So, apologies for the downtime this week — consider it an investment in bringing you a better JWM from here on out. And check out DreamHost if you’re looking for Web hosting, you won’t regret it.