What is Going On In Fallujah?

After yesterday’s attack on four civilian security personnel (i.e. mercenaries), the Pentagon is insisting that it has not lost control of the city of Fallujah. Except it’s doing it in language that sure sounds like it has:

Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, a U.S. Army spokesman, said “we will be back in Fallujah. It will be at the time and place of our choosing. We will hunt down the criminals.”
“Quite simply, we will respond,” Kimmitt said.
“We are not going to do a pell-mell rush into the city,” Kimmitt said. “It’s going to be deliberate. It will be precise and it will be overwhelming. We will not rush in to make things worse. We will plan our way through this and we will re-establish control of that city — and we will pacify that city.”…
He also said it is “unfair to characterize a tragic incident as a loss of control to the city” and said Marines, who have set up traffic stops outside the city, handled Wednesday’s flare-up prudently.

We haven’t lost control, but “we will be back”, and we are not going to “rush in”? Does that mean our troops been driven out of Fallujah completely? What the hell is going on over there?