WOXY Goes Web-Only

Radio station WOXY, one of the last good truly independent radio stations out there, has apparently decided to shut down its over-the-air broadcast and go online-only.

This is a sad moment for me. I’m glad that 97X (“BAM! The FUTURE of rock and roll!”) isn’t going away completely. It’s a terrific station, programmed by people who really love modern rock and alternative music and know it backwards and forwards. But I discovered it because I happened to live for a while in its local broadcast area (it broadcast out of Oxford, Ohio), and losing its over-the-air signal means that southern Ohio will be losing something special. (Not to mention the uncertain economics of it; a lot of good people at WOXY are going to be out of work, and the employment of the rest hinges on whether a Webcast-only model is economically viable; an uncertain proposition at best.)

If you haven’t heard of 97X before, check out their audio streams (you can choose from WMA, Real, and streaming MP3 formats) and see what you’ve been missing out on. And if you like what you hear, tell a friend — they’re going to need all the support they can get.

UPDATE: Web-only format canceled for lack of funds — 97X to dissolve completely. Read all about it.