Boo Yah!

At my place of employment, we have three issues we’re currently advocating on: “dirty fishing” (the practice of indiscriminate trawling through the oceans, killing all sorts of fish other than the ones a fisherman is fishing for), “bottom trawling” (catching fish by dragging a giant dredge across the bottom of the ocean, smashing up ancient coral reefs in the process), and “cruise pollution” (when cruise ships don’t treat their wastewater adequately before dumping it into the ocean — a startlingly common practice in the cruise industry).

On the cruise pollution campaign, we’ve been focusing on convincing one of the biggest and most visible cruise lines, Royal Caribbean, to stop dumping inadequately treated sewage.

Today, we won.


Donovan Watts

May 8, 2004
1:04 pm

Awesome! Very encouraging news.