Verified Voting — They Deserve Your Support

While I was at Planetwork last weekend, I met a lot of interesting people. One of them was David Dill, a computer science professor at Stanford University and an activist with Verified Voting, an organization that’s working nationwide to ensure that all votes are counted using secure, auditable systems. After talking with him for a while I came away pretty enthusiastic — if you’re as concerned about the e-voting crisis as I am, Verified Voting deserves your support. (Read the resolution they’ve adopted as their statement of purpose and you’ll see that they’ve thought this stuff through.)

If you’d like to get involved with Verified Voting, they’ve got several ways you can do so. One of the most interesting is the “adopt a Member of Congress” approach, where you and your friends go see your Congressperson personally, explain the dangers of poorly designed e-voting systems, and recommend alternatives. Verified Voting will help you prepare for your meeting with facts and publications, so you’re not going in unarmed. They’ve also got an e-activism program if you’d prefer to help from your PC, and they can accept your donations as well if giving money’s more your thing (your contribution is tax-deductible, too).

Verified Voting is doing important work on a critical subject. If you’re concerned at all about the future of our democracy, you should check them out.