Winners Of MT 3.0 Plugin Contest Announced

Six Apart has announced the winners of their “Plug In To Movable Type 3.0” contest for plugin developers. The big winner was Jay Allen, who updated his incredible MT-Blacklist comment spam killer for MT 3.0. (I guess TypeKey didn’t solve the comment spam problem after all, eh?) For his efforts, Jay won “[a]n Apple G5 dual 2GHz with 23″ Apple Cinema HD Display and Adobe Creative Suite Premium with GoLive CS.” Suh-weet!!! Congratulations!


Sandy Smith

July 23, 2004
11:10 am

What, not the 30″?
OK, I’m jealous. Plus Hit and Run have updated to MT 3.0 and they still get comment spam.
I had about a thousand waiting for me when I returned from vacation sans net access, and I use MT Blacklist.

Jason Lefkowitz

July 23, 2004
11:17 am

Here’s the combination of steps that has just about killed comment spam for me:
1) Install MT-Blacklist.
2) Sync up with Master Blacklist once a week.
3) Change the name of your comment script. This defeats a lot of the extremely high-volume spammers right out of the gate, since they’re pre-wired to point at MT’s default name for the script. MT makes this easy to do, it’s a one-line change in the config file.
I still get a few comment spams, but MT-Blacklist makes them so easy to remove they’re not worth worrying about.