GBV Wraps It Up

Goddamn it.



August 25, 2004
4:15 pm

If it causes you distress, it must be a good thing;)

Jason Lefkowitz

August 25, 2004
4:18 pm

Hey man, go listen to a Guided By Voices album or two and then see if the thought of no more of those doesn’t tick you off too 🙂


August 26, 2004
10:32 pm

The best of Jill Hives.
I like their music, but I’ve met a few Ohioans who like to tell me that “they’re just a drinking band!”

Jason Lefkowitz

August 27, 2004
9:49 am

Heh… can’t they be BOTH a great band and a drinking band? 🙂
GBV are actually from my hometown (Dayton, OH) so I have a higher-than-your-average-person appreciation for them… when you live in Dayton, it’s nice to hear about someone famous from there other than the Wright brothers for a change! 🙂